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We provide you with affordable, real time, peer driven, and intelligent agile practice + tools

Our mission

We are on the face of the earth to be the best platform to affordably discover and achieve agility with the help of technology.

what differentiates our solutions...

Self-paced Learning

You can learn at your time and at your speed.

Relevant + Intelligent

You can access AI-driven, customised, updated, comprehensive, high-quality, and practical for the job knowledge.

Community driven

You can access experiences and community curated tools & practices.


You can discover your strengths and challenge your skill limits with our simulations & community activities.


You can experience agile learning and development with our latest technology driven global accelerators & bootcamps.


You can access knowledge and a community of practice without the high costs of expensive certifications and trainings.

Our solutions for you Agilist

What the agilists we support say...

Our teams needed to respond fast to the ever changing Venezuelan business context to succeed. Growth Vikings supported our business agility. Their agile approach and AGaiLE [beta app] allowed us to focus on the strategic, improve our teams performance, and find opportunities for innovation. While some of our competitors exited the market, we keep growing.
Roberto Benzecri
CEO of Vista, Agua Mineral

Ideas & best practices for you

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Agile Coaching Bootcamp

Looking for a group of peers with whom you can learn, practice, and develop your coaching skills for only £15 pounds? Join us for a three days of fun & intense Agile Coaching!

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