3 Ways to Coach your Team Members into Progress Every Day

In a previous publication it was pointed out that many organizations today have underperforming organizational capital . Mainly because of ineffective managers, shortfalls in alignment, and working cultures with a “defacto” transactional orientation. Even worst, we showed, that today’s human talent within organizations tends to be disengaged. Some statistics by Gallup´s Re-Engineering Performance Management (2017) research evidenced our claim. Only fifty percent of employees clearly know what is expected of them at work. Moreover, just sixteen percent of employees report that someone took interest in developing their strengths in the past week. And finally, only twenty-three percent of employees strongly agree that their Managers provide them with meaningful feedback. Hence, employees want a clear understanding of what is expected of them, meaningful feedback and someone that takes interest in developing their strengths.

One key instrument that could allow us to meet our employees or team members expectations is coaching. Leaders or managers that introduce coaching into their every day activities, improve the understanding of employees or team members of what is expected of them, generate meaningful feedback and support the development of their team members strengths.

Three ways in which leaders or managers can coach their employees or team members into progress every day are:

  1. Taking advantage of daily interactions on job tasks, project updates & assignments to offer coaching.
  2. Debriefing after milestone or unexpected event.
  3. Encouraging people to seek feedback from their goals, progress, and development.

These three simple actions can help our organization and team members to improve their performance and develop its capacities.


Nastasha Velasco

Agile Growth and Performance Development in Tech & Social Impact Organizations.

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